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Konichi-hao recommended Rio, a girl who could light Jim Morrison’s fire and then put it out! She definitely deserves a place amongst our sirens.


She’s quite explicit, being a porn star. For one, she is pretty “enthusiastic” in most of her videos, if you know what I mean *ahem*. An analogy to a fire hose would suit this girl. :P

Thanks Konichi-hao!

Rio made her debut in 2006 when she turned 18. Apparently she has been in about 1300 videos with about 300 of them original works—I am not sure what an unoriginal AV is.

She was pretty popular in the scene, winning an award for Super Tits Angels in 2009 and getting voted in at number 26 in a 2012 survey of the 100 best AV stars of all time. She retired in 2011 but there has been speculation about a comeback. Personally, while I’d love to see more, I hope she stays retired and leaves us with the memories of her at her finest.

AKA Erika Morishita
Country: Japan
City/State: Tokyo
Birth Date: y:1988 m:6 d:11
Height (cm): 158
Measurements (cm) B:88 W:57 H:85


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